Series MT-RS24
  Series MT-AL

- High Productivity: Double heads allow high    quality and high productivity.
- Less Noise: Less noise based on our    technology.
- No Point Mark: No point mark design    employeeing chain system.
- Clean Working Environment: Clean working    environment employeeing vacuum cleaning    system. After being linked, scraps are
   absorbed completely by the ring blower.

90#(4117) 100#(4118)
Capacity / 8Hours
Max.3,600pairs per 8Hours
Usable Yarn Count
Nylon 30D/2, 20D/2
0.2kw, 60Hz / 50Hz
Rated Voltage
220V, 1 Ph, 0.38kw
Net Weight
140 Kg
Gross Weight
200 Kg
Packing Dimension
900 mm 600mm 1500mm